From concept to production, our manufacturing process ensures the exclusive quality of the Eco-Valve technology.

Optimised Valve

Combining expertise and technical know-how with the production capability of our partners, means we are able to deliver a truly first-class product to the market.

Working alongside our manufacturing partners Sanit & Sons and Majesty Packaging Group, we have industrialised capacity for our SSG Eco-Valve and range of actuators. Utilising all relevant moulding and assembly ‘know-how’, we are also proud to have an interlocking patent for our design and manufacturing process.

ISO 9001 accredited too, our partners work by the internationally recognised standard/ quality management system (QMS) to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Tomorrow’s technology today

Eco-Valve is now fully commercialised and in market with a number of customers, across a range of product applications globally. We also continue to develop new valve technologies to deliver revolutionary solutions for our customers.

Proud to work with a number of manufacturing stakeholders, we also remain open to future collaborations and partnerships in order to industrialise our valve technologies further.

Actuator range

Alongside our Eco-Valve range, we are also proud to supply a range of standard actuators to the market. Salvalco MBU insert technology can be adapted to fit standard or custom designed actuators and we welcome new enquiries from those interested in exploring this opportunity.

Alex Spray Cap (Prototype)
Crisan Plast SRL is a renowned European actuator manufacturer who have developed an exciting Bi-Injection, in-mould assembly process. The spray through Alex Cap is powered by Salvalco technology.

Majesty AK100, AK20-22 and AJ00
Majesty Packaging group are a global leader in the manufacturing of aerosol accessories. Spray through and button actuators have been modified to compliment the Eco-Valve technology. Salvalco manufactured inserts ensure optimal spray performance.

CLC / Orion (Prototype)
CLC Packaging, Thailand. Their new spray through actuator will be modified to compliment Eco-Valve technology. Salvalco manufactured inserts ensure optimal spray performance.

Alex cap