Our Services

Our lab and technical services help provide all the support customers need to make the transition from LPG propellant to nitrogen.

Lab Services

We provide a range of technical laboratory services such as spray and formulation analysis, supporting our customers in adapting their formulations so that the best atomisation with nitrogen propellant can be achieved. Longer term stability and compatibility testing is also available to help customers meet industry standards and readiness for market launch.

Technical Support

In addition to our lab services, we also offer a range of technical support for the aerosol filling line, to ensure customers achieve optimum success with the Eco-Valve technology. Guidance is also provided on areas such as crimping and gassing. All of which help aid the required viability needed with higher pressures when using nitrogen propellant.

“Our vision at Salvalco is simple. To make things that make a difference.”

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco