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Tomorrow’s aerosol valve
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Aerosol can
Aerosol can

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That’s our mission at Salvalco and why we have invested over two decades of extensive research and development to bring to the market the world’s answer to more environmentally friendly and safer aerosols. Salvalco Eco-Valve gives you tomorrow’s spray technology, today. Using harmless gases such as compressed air and nitrogen, Eco-Valve is a valve with values. Safer for the environment and consumers, our patented technology significantly reduces the production and emission of hydrocarbons and VOCs helping to transform the creation, distribution and usage of aerosols.

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What is an

The vision behind the valve

“The creation of Eco-Valve is the result of decades of trials and research across the aerosol industry. Together we are making big strides towards a cleaner and healthier environment for all”

Professor Ghasem Nasr is Head of the Spray Research Group (SRG) at University of Salford, Manchester and the scientist behind the innovative Eco-Valve technology.  Expert in industrial and domestic atomiser design, he is also Professor with the Chair in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation and lead author of ‘Industrial Sprays and Atomisation’ and ‘Natural Gas Engineering and Safety Challenges’. With over 25 years of academic research his experience encompasses, innovation, new product development, enterprise and commercialisation.

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