Our Story

Salvalco is an ethical tech company, supporting the aerosol industry with the valves of the future, today

Our Values

Our values at Salvalco are steeped in a longstanding commitment to support the environment and aerosol industry with the future of valve technology, today.

To achieve this, we have dedicated years of research and development, supported by a strong ethos and close working relationship with a number of stakeholders including our employees, suppliers, investors and customers. Collaboration is very much at the heart of what we do and it’s by working together, sharing and developing ideas that we have been able to achieve what we have today.

Understanding the requirements of our customers remains a key priority as we support their ongoing needs in what is undoubtedly an ever- changing marketplace. By combining vision and research with innovative thinking, we have been able to create ideas, push boundaries and make what may have first seemed impossible, possible.

We hope you will join us on our journey embracing the small valve taking big steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for all. That’s Eco-Valve.

Our History

2001 - 2013

The Spray Research Group at Salford University, Manchester invent ‘Bubbly Flow’ technology. The patents are bought by Salford Valve Company and Salvalco is formed.


First prototype production cell of the Eco-Valve starts with manufacturing partner in Taiwan. Improvements are quickly rolled out with new designs, inserts and patents registered ready for industrialisation.


Foresight Williams invest with a majority stake in Salvalco. investment based on the sustainable credentials Salvalco have to offer to the Aerosol industry.


Beiersdorf launch their Eco Deo product with Nivea brand. Following a comprehensive consumer acceptance study, they also invest directly into Salvalco business.


Further investor interest secures a new dedicated manufacturing operation in Thailand, optimised Eco-Valve is launched.


Several major launches with multinational and regional brand owners, including P&G. Industrialisation of new insert technologies which enable consumer acceptable spray with complex formulations including powders and oils.

“Our vision at Salvalco is simple. To make things that make a difference.”

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco

Our Investors

With a clear focus on commercialising the technology working alongside aerosol manufacturers and fillers around the world, Salvalco has been successful in securing significant investment to industrialise our disruptive aerosol valve technologies. Foresight WAE Technology EIS/VCT fund are Salvalco’s majority shareholder.

In addition, Salvalco has also been awarded equity investment from Beiersdorf’s venture platform, OSCAR&PAUL Beiersdorf Venture Capital. The investment underlines the company’s ambition in driving sustainable innovations under its sustainability and C.A.R.E.+ corporate strategy. Both investments support the development and commercialisation of the Eco-Valve technology, including research and further product development.

In 2022 Salvalco invites new investors, Green Angels Ventures, Growthdeck and Fin.Esse SpA to secure capital investment for capacity expansion plans in Thailand.

Non-Executive Director and company founder Tom Goldberg is a key member of the Salvalco team. He is also the executive Chairman of AWI Group, investors in Salvalco. With long standing experience across a range of international engineering businesses in the UK, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and China, Tom received an MBE for services to international trade, and has been the Chairman of the Yorkshire & Humberside International Trade Board and the President of the British Constructional Steelwork Association.

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