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The new optimised Eco-Valve is here… and this is why you should try it!

Posted on Mon 12th December 2022

At Salvalco, we believe that in order to deliver the very best solutions to the market, we must continue to evolve and innovate.

It’s why we have spent months refining and developing our Eco-Valve technology to bring you a brand-new optimised valve with even greater results.

We are proud that Eco-Valve is the ONLY inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology in the market today. Born from a PhD thesis and designed and industrialised from theoretical and science-based research, its ground-breaking technology is already supporting many satisfied customers across the globe.

But in what ways has the new valve changed from the previous one and what are the benefits?

Eco-Valve – What’s new?

  • We have refined the execution of this design by making changes to our unique 3-piece valve system.
  • Following learnings in the laboratory with customer bulk formulations, several small adjustments to the liquid, gas flow channels and hole positions have been made. The objective being that the unique bubbly flow / effervescent effect is maximised for use with more complex formulations, for example those containing powders.
  • During the process of making these changes we also took the opportunity to optimise the Eco-Valve to help the aerosol filling process, improving the resilience of the valve to ensure high speed filling line efficiencies are maintained.
  • To compliment the Eco-Valve, we have also industrialised new MBU inserts to deliver the desired customer spray characteristics. This is especially important when using nitrogen instead of LPG propellant.

The benefits?
The new optimised valve offers a range of benefits including;

  • Better spray quality and atomisation.
  • Greater consistency throughout the life of the can resulting in a superior spray quality from beginning to end.
  • More compatibility with different formulations. Including use with more organic and natural formulations which are not normally compatible with LPG propellant.
  • A stronger and more resilient valve overall with strong durability on filling lines.
  • The same great sustainability benefits through the reduction of VOCs and hydrocarbons.
  • An overall more cost- effective solution, eliminating the need for more expensive alternatives like butane.

Ready to make the change from butane to nitrogen?
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be happy to help email: info@salvalco.com or call 01904 720020.