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Salvalco join forces with new manufacturing partner in Thailand

Posted on Mon 1st August 2022

Pioneers of the innovative Eco-Valve, the team at Salvalco are delighted to announce investment in a new manufacturing facility in Thailand.

The production of Eco-Valve will be manufactured onsite at a newly built facility, supported by manufacturing partner Sanit & Sons.

Thailand’s high level of expertise within the aerosol sector, alongside its growing reputation as a ‘hot bed’ for valve manufacturing is the reason why Salvalco has chosen this location.

Optimising the valve
As innovators of valve technology, a key priority for Salvalco is about staying ahead in an ever- changing market and is why the business remain committed to continued R&D.

As such the Eco-Valve has also undergone a revamp with a number of improved design features. Resulting in improved functionality and robustness whilst retaining its core science-based technology, including the patented bubbly flow technology.

Sanit & Sons who have been established in the aerosol contract filling and can manufacturing business for over 30 years will assist Salvalco with the assembly process of the Eco-Valve technology. The outcome of which will not just be an improved valve but one that is more compatible with a range of different and complex formulations – further enhancing its versatility and value in the market.

Managing Director of Salvalco Peter Shaw said;

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Sanit & Sons and investing in this new manufacturing facility in Thailand. As experts in their field with a strong commitment to quality make it an ideal partnership.

With the facility now open, Salvalco has since had a number of successful customer visits and audits. With orders and manufacturing for those customers now in full swing.”

Samart Tangpoolcharoen, Owner of Sanit & Sons said;

“We are very excited to be working with the Salvalco team and their pioneering Eco-Valve technology. The collaboration also provides a great opportunity for our staff to work with what’s fast becoming the market leading inert gas aerosol valve technology.”

For more information about Eco -Valve, contact info@salvalco.com or visit www.salvalco.com