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Salvalco collaborate with Respray Solutions as they launch refillable deodorant machine

Posted on Fri 3rd March 2023

As the demand for more sustainable aerosol products continues to grow, Salvalco are proud to announce their latest collaboration with Respray Solutions.

Respray who have partnered with Rossmann in Magyarorszag, Hungary, have launched a new deodorant refilling machine which allows consumers to refill a can up to five times. Thus, considerably reducing CO₂ carbon footprint and the need for wasteful packaging. This is made possible through the use of refillable cans and a technology that is free from harmful propellants.

Created by co-founding innovators Andor Réti and Gergely Zámbó, the machines which are currently available at three different Rossmann stores in Budapest provide a more eco-friendly solution all round. The ambitious initiative eliminates the need for butane in the refilling process, with nitrogen, helping to revolutionise the CO₂ emissions of aerosol products, as well as reducing the production of hazardous waste from excess aluminium deodorant cans.

Powered by Eco-Valve
The refillable Isana Rossman deodorant cans used with the machine utilise the innovative Salvalco Eco-Valve technology which is fully compatible with the nitrogen propellant used.

The machines aim to have a positive impact on the cosmetics industry, helping manufacturers to not just reduce waste but packaging costs too.

Moss Day, Sales Manager at Salvalco said;

“As the demand for more sustainable aerosol solutions gather pace across the industry, we are delighted to be able to support Respray with their refillable deodorant can and machine offering.

As the market leader in inert gas aerosol valve technology, we are increasingly seeing the move to nitrogen propellant as a safer and more sustainable choice and one that can be used compatibly in refill machines like these.

We are proud that our Eco-Valve technology allows us to play a part in supporting a more sustainable aerosol industry and partnering with brands to help them in that journey.”

To find out more about how Eco-Valve could benefit your business email: info@salvalco.com