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Innovative green aerosol valve technology receives £2.6m funding from leading tech investors Foresight Williams

Posted on Sat 7th December 2019

Salvalco Eco-Valve are looking forward to bringing to market their innovative aerosol technology following over £2.6m of investment from Foresight and Williams Technology EIS fund. A specialist fund that supports disruptive technologies with not just proven investment management but also high-performance engineering capability.

The investment which has been awarded in 2 rounds of £1.6m in 2018 and a further £1million in 2019 will be used for further research and product development and to commercialise the technology.

‘Game changing’ technology for the industry, Eco-Valve is a new valve specifically designed to enable aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or simply compressed air.  Developed from original research carried out by Professor Ghasem Nasr of the Spray Research Group at the University of Salford, the widespread adoption of Salvalco technology in aerosols aims to have a major impact in benefitting the global environment, reducing VOCs and the risk of current volatile and flammable propellants which are costly to store and transport.

The innovation lies within a family of Eco-Valves that will work in over 85% of applications including air fresheners, deodorants, sun creams, cleaning products and more.

Foresight’s investment will not only support the commercialisation of Salvalco’s technology, but Williams Advanced Engineering will also be available to support the design and optimisation of future valve concepts.

John Holden, Principal, Foresight Williams said;

“Salvalco is a fantastic investment for the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund and a great fit for Williams Advanced Engineering. We know that Williams’ engineers are going to add value to Salvalco and Foresight will support the company as it looks to capitalise on global opportunities.”

Tom Goldberg, Chairman of Initial Investors AWI Group added;

“The investment of private venture capital from a prestigious group into Salvalco shows a positive commitment to new technologies and the environment which should bear fruit for all concerned. We look forward to working together for a better future.”

Salvalco’s range of Eco-Valves comprises of:

  • The super single gasket valve (SSG) for low viscosity products such as air fresheners and deodorants.
  • The low loss valve (LL) for low viscosity oil -based products such as antiperspirants, light cooking oils and hairsprays; and for higher viscosity products such as lubricants, gels and creams such as sun cream.
  • The metered valve (MV) which provides a metered dosage in applications such as air fresheners and potentially for use with medical products.

For more information on how Eco-valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample please email info@salvalco.com