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How Salvalco’s Eco-Valve is changing the face of aerosol

Posted on Wed 23rd February 2022

It’s fair to say that we love our aerosols. So much so that globally more than 20 billion cans are used every year. That’s a lot of spray! But with rising demand from consumers for more environmentally friendly and carbon neutral alternatives, brands are increasingly seeking out new options.

The pressure is born largely from consumers looking for aerosols that use minimal amounts of hydrocarbons and offer more natural product formulations. All whilst delivering the same great performance of traditional valves. And it’s thanks to the innovation of Salvalco’s Eco-Valve, that option is now available. Even greater still, is that big name brands such as Nivea and Rossman are now adopting the technology for use within a number of their deodorant lines.  Products which are now on the shelves and being enjoyed by consumers.

Eco-Valve – Providing brands with a new alternative
For Salvalco, reducing harmful propellants was the driving force behind its innovation of the Eco-Valve. The device which is used with aerosols gives customers a way to dispense products in an environmentally friendly, yet cost-effective way, using nitrogen and compressed air – without compromising on performance.

Big claims and benefits for leading brands
Removing the need for butane, Eco-Valve technology is revolutionising the industry, giving leading brands the chance to deliver something completely new to the market. As well as all the great advantages of the technology in supporting the health of people and planet, Eco-Valve is also giving brands the opportunity to benefit from a number of significant marketing claims. These include;

  • A ZERO hydrocarbon propellant, that reduces carbon footprint.
  • Offering twice as much product formula in the can! Yes that’s right. The removal of butane LPG propellant means brands can benefit from a higher fill ratio of pure bulk formula, resulting in more product within their cans.
  • The possibility to use more organic and natural formulations which are not normally compatible with LPG propellant.
  • Helping towards the reduction of VOC emissions and improved air quality (particularly water based formulations).
  • A fine mist spray which is ideally suited for formulations containing natural ingredients.


Nivea adopt Eco-Valve technology to make deo more sustainable
Nivea is the first multinational global brand to go to market with the environmentally friendly aerosol valve. Used specifically within their male and female Eco Deo product lines, as well as supporting their wider sustainability targets, the valve is also compatible for use alongside their more natural formulations. With Nivea’s Eco Deo formulation using ingredients of 95% natural origin.

European brand Rossmann has also taken advantage of Eco-Valve’s innovative technology to support the launch of their home brand Alterra men’s deodorant line. As well as giving their customers a more sustainable aerosol solution, the valve also compliments the brand’s overall natural ethos.

This includes directly appealing to their customer base by being able to make prominent sustainable, marketing and product claims on the front and back of their packaging. Such as ‘Innovative spray technology with nitrogen as an environmentally friendly propellant’

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

It’s a really exciting time for the business. To see the evolution of Eco-Valve over the years and the love from brands and consumers alike has been incredibly rewarding. The aerosol  industry is changing and we are proud to be part of that change. Driven by consumer demand, brands are really starting to see the opportunity that moving to nitrogen affords them.

“Echoing the famous words of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at Salvalco we too wanted to imagine a world where we could do things differently. A world where we didn’t have to rely on butane but could instead support the industry and environment by creating a different kind of aerosol, supporting the move to a more circular economy. And it’s with Eco-Valve and the power of nitrogen we feel we have achieved just that!”

To find out more how Eco-Valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample email: info@salvalco.com