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How Eco-Valve is helping brand owners to a more sustainable future.

Posted on Fri 25th June 2021

The demand for sustainable and ethical products is on the rise and as such remains a key focus for retail brands. As the move to a more carbon neutral future beckons, it is fair to say that consumers and companies have never been keener to be greener.

Over recent years and in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, new trends have emerged and pre-existing ones accelerated with retailers seeing an increased demand from consumers for products that are not just effective but ethical too. This focus is not just deemed the priority of niche eco brands either but of organisations large and small looking to satisfy the demand for more natural and sustainable products.

The omission of harmful ingredients from products such as hydrocarbons is also becoming a key focus, playing a fundamental role in helping companies meet their CSR (corporate social responsibility) targets.

It is a trend at Salvalco that we have been aware of for a long time now and is one of the driving forces behind the development of our innovative Eco-Valve technology to support the aerosol industry and brand owners with a more sustainable way to spray. With all the performance of traditional valves, the Eco-Valve technology utilises inert gases such as nitrogen, removing the need for LPG propellants. Resulting in minimal VOC emissions, Eco-Valve is also compatible for use with more natural product formulations too, giving brand owners the opportunity to create a ‘total’ eco-friendly solution.

And it’s post Covid that demand for such products has never been greater with consumers even willing to pay a premium for sustainable, eco and vegan alternatives. The move for brand owners to diversify ranges and be able to make sustainable product claims in their marketing increasingly becoming a key priority for businesses.

Eco-Valve benefits
And when it comes to using Eco-Valve within aerosol applications, there are no shortage of benefits. These include;

  • A low quantity of inhalable particles & VOC’s.
  • Compressed gasses such as nitrogen instead of LPG & hydrocarbons (which are also more cost effective)
  • A market leading spray quality that consumers love – Offering a fine mist, soft spray and sound with no smell of gas.
  • Nitrogen propellants that are compatible with even sensitive, natural and more complex formulas.
  • Non-flammable ingredients, thus enabling use of the no flame symbol on the can.

One of the first brands to take advantage of the Eco-Valve technology is major European drug store owner Rossmann who are now using the valve for use within their own brand deodorant ‘Alterra’.

Use of Eco-Valve’s innovative technology has enabled the brand to leverage all major sustainable marketing claims on their packaging including environmentally friendly, no hydrocarbons and natural organic ingredients. And now officially on the shelves, the deodorant is being enjoyed by their many customers in Europe.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco, said.

“We are incredibly proud of the role Eco-Valve is playing in helping brand owners and retailers across the globe achieve their sustainability and CSR goals, whilst providing consumers with a greener, yet highly effective aerosol solution.  Essentially giving the consumer the spray quality they need, with the sustainability benefits they desire.

What Eco-Valve is providing is opportunity. It’s giving brand owners new avenues and options to explore, strengthening their product offering and for some enabling them to reintroduce aerosol into their ranges as a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly option. Eco-Valve is also providing an opportunity for brands to utilise more natural based formulations allowing brands to offer a total solution to their customers.

It’s encouraging to see the success of the Rossmann Alterra deodorant with a great uptake from customers. And with interest from other brands gathering pace, we look forward to announcing further product references in the market in the not-too-distant future.”

To find out more about how Eco-Valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample email: info@salvalco.com