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How Eco-Valve is enhancing the perfumed body spray category

Posted on Wed 27th April 2022

In our latest blog find out how …

  • Inert gas propelled Eco-Valve is offering a more sustainable way to spray.
  • Removal of butane propellant is creating significant benefits for the perfume aerosol category – enhancing user experience.
  • Swapping butane with Nitrogen and Eco-Valve is improving fragrance quality, creating a nice homogenous spray texture and eliminating the standard choking effect associated with traditional valves.
  • This is creating a real opportunity for the aerosol industry, in particular, for the premium perfume aerosol category.

Eco-Valve offers a number of significant benefits for the aerosol industry, providing an alternative and all round more environmentally friendly way to spray. As the market leading inert gas powered aerosol valve technology, it is also helping brands create a more superior user experience too.

Not least for the premium perfumed body spray category who are reaping the benefits that the removal of butane offers in enhancing fragrance quality and spray texture. As well as eliminating the choking effect caused by butane-based aerosol propellant.

But how do we know?

Quite simply our customers are telling us.

Most recently this includes fragrance aerosol brands who say that alongside the environmental benefits, swapping to an inert gas propelled aerosol valve like Eco-Valve has resulted in a more enhanced user experience overall.

The impact of butane on fragrance quality – how it works
It’s hard to deny that the quality of scent is a vitally important element for fragrance brands. It is after all their equity. Yet so many fragrance houses are still using traditional butane propellant in their aerosol body sprays and deodorants.  And it’s this butane when mixed with the fragrance that is altering and masking the true quality and essence of the scent when sprayed.

This is little wonder given that typically 70% of the contents of the can is in fact Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), which then mixes with the brand owner’s base formulation.

Eco-Valve – Enhancing and preserving fragrance quality
The good news is that when replaced with inert gas propellant and Eco-Valve, this changes, allowing all the nuances and subtleties of the true scent to shine through. This offers great benefits for brand owners and end consumers in enhancing the quality of their deodorant and body scented sprays.  And, as a consequence, strengthens the equity of those brands and their product offering.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

“We are delighted to be working with a number of brands who are seeing a real difference when using Eco-Valve. Not only are there clear environmental benefits of reduced VOCs and hydrocarbons when using our valve technology, but it is also helping brand owners achieve a stronger user experience too. And most importantly create perfumed aerosol products that complement their main range fragrances – extending and enhancing the consumer’s fragrance ritual.

Removal of butane also removes the choking effect that you so often get when spraying aerosol products as well as creating a homogenous, soft delicate spray, which leaves a nice texture on the skin.

But don’t just take our word for it – as the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology, why not give Eco-Valve a try?”

 Ready to make the change to Eco-Valve?

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