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How bubbly-flow technology is powering up the performance of Eco-Valve

Posted on Mon 1st March 2021

With Eco-Valve making a remarkable impact across the aerosol industry for both its unparalleled sustainability benefits and impressive spray performance, we wanted to look at the science behind the valve and how it is aiding its fast-growing popularity as the new way to spray.

What is an Eco-Valve?
Eco-Valve is the result of years of extensive research and development by the University of Salford led by Professor Ghasem Nasr. Unlike traditional LPG valves, the Eco-Valve technology allows eco-friendly inert gases such as nitrogen or simple fresh air to be used as propellants in aerosol sprays, removing the need for butane and thus enabling a more sustainable alternative to conventional aerosol propellants.

The bubbly-flow boost
But it’s the patented bubbly- flow technology developed by the team, that is the real science and magic behind Eco-Valve’s superior spray performance and is what gives the nitrogen/ air-based valve the functionality that is proven to be better than traditional valves. The outcome being a spray that has a consistent flow, protects the planet and packs a punch on performance.

Despite many years of extensive research, it’s true that often the best ideas are the simplest with Eco-Valve capturing this at its very heart.  And it’s within the stem area of the valve, where the real science is happening.  Combining an injection of compressed gas and liquid into the valve, the effervescence energy which is subsequently created or what we like to call our patented “bubbly-flow” boost, is what gives the valve its high performing quality spray. Like the turbo boost needed to power up a car’s engine, bubbly-flow creates an impressive result without the need for propane or butane propellant, making it better for you and better for the environment.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco, said.

“We are delighted to be able to offer to the market such a high performing and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aerosols. The patented bubbly -flow technology is something we are incredibly proud and is completely unique to the Eco-Valve offering.

Traditional aerosols aren’t able to offer the same in-stem effervescent effect and maximised energy capability using only inert gases and compressed air, which is what gives Eco-Valve it’s performance, green credentials and competitive advantage. And most importantly consumers tell us they love it too, because whilst we wanted to first and foremost create a high performing environmentally friendly aerosol alternative, it’s also great to know it gets the thumbs up from the end user too. They have to love the feel and texture of the spray on their skin as much as or if not more than traditional alternatives and we are pleased that our independent research tells us that they do.

With more product references due on the shelves over the coming months, our vision at Salvalco is for Eco-Valve to fast become the new way to spray. It’s certainly a very exciting time for the business.”

Improved atomisation
Bubbly-flow is also helping Eco-Valve achieve vastly improved atomisation too, especially in the second half of the can life, for example, resulting in a much lower drop-out rate. The outcome is a more homogeneous spray quality that reaches the skin faster delivering a soft, delicate and fast drying spray texture that consumers love.

Below is an example of bubbly flow effervescence in action. The images taken at a fraction of a second after actuation shows Eco-Valve below. BOTH are pressed at exactly the same time, with the same bulk formulation, pressure and actuator configurations. The difference however is plain to see and something we can all ‘feel’ in action.

Image 1 – Standard Valve

Image 2 – Eco-Valve

Why not test on paper or on the skin and decide for yourself which one is better?

In summary Eco-Valve offers;

  • An environmentally friendly aerosol solution
  • A more homogeneous spray with no dense core
  • Stronger and faster atomisation
  • Low drop-out rate and a softer, finer spray mist that consumers love
  • A fast-drying spray, removing the wetness that other aerosols create

Ticking the boxes for performance, cost effectiveness and sustainability too, we believe Eco-Valve offers tomorrow’s aerosol technology today. Most importantly however, the tried and tested technology is helping to future proof business and provide far reaching benefit across the whole supply chain.

If you are interested to learn more about Eco-Valve and would like to move your aerosol products to a more environmentally friendly alternative, please feel free to contact the team at Salvalco at info@salvalco.com