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Embracing the Eco Revolution: A Glimpse into the Future of the Aerosol Industry

Posted on Thu 8th June 2023

We spoke with our newly appointed Sales Director of Salvalco, Rob Parkes who shares his latest thoughts and insights about the changing face of the aerosol industry.

In a world driven by shifting consumer demands and a growing commitment to sustainability, the call for eco-friendly solutions has never been louder. As markets race to keep up with the ever-changing pace, one industry will soon stand in the spotlight: aerosols.

Recent legislation in both America and the UK has heightened awareness about the environmental and health implications of aerosol and LPG propellant use, initiating a quest for greener alternatives.

With the demand for spray products soaring (in the UK alone, we produce a staggering 1.44 billion cans per year), the desire for sustainable packaging, VOC propellant-free options, and natural formulations has taken centre stage. Brands are embracing these changes not only to meet consumer demands to protect the planet but also to futureproof their business models.

That’s where Salvalco comes in.

As proud supporters of the aerosol industry, we have pioneered the innovative Eco-Valve solution—a game-changer in aerosol valve technology. As the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology, we work across the supply chain and with many different stakeholders, lending our voice to the industry. Continuing to support customers who are looking to adapt their formulations to ensure improved performance with nitrogen, we also help aerosol fillers transition from LPG butane and readily share our insight with brand and marketers about this niche and fast-growing market.

While North America has already witnessed legislative changes, Europe and the UK are not far behind. Companies and brands are aware of the need to prepare for such transformations, leading to a significant uptake in research and the adoption of new technologies like Eco-Valve. With the world increasingly focused on achieving a net-zero carbon-neutral economy, the demand for LPG propellant alternatives is set to soar.

We can already see the aerosol industry increasingly recognising the importance of transitioning to nitrogen propellants. By doing so, manufacturers can address environmental concerns, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the ozone layer. Nitrogen propellants offer enhanced product stability, improved safety measures, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness and availability of nitrogen can make it an attractive alternative to other finite resources such as LPG.

The growing love for aerosol
You see, the fact remains that as consumers, we simply love aerosols! They are convenient, efficient and cost effective. By proactively safe-guarding their product lines, brands are able to meet potential changes in customer requirements and legislation now before they negatively impact consumers. Associations like BAMA (British Aerosol, Manufacturing Association) in the UK or CSPA (Consumer Specialty Products Association) in the USA are able to be more reactive than ever in providing information to members who are working with new products that anticipate these future needs.

So, what does the future hold for the aerosol industry?
Looking ahead, I can envisage a world where the industry fully adapts to consumer demands and may well be forced to operate under stringent regulations within the next ten years. Similar to the transition towards electric vehicles, I suspect that aerosols will inevitably bid farewell to butane and LPG propellants. Recycling will also dominate the industry landscape, with refillable aerosols and in-store refill machines building on the initial successes we are seeing today.

As demand continues to rise, companies are realising that embracing sustainable options now makes strong commercial as well as ethical sense. This transition presents an opportunity to expand market share, enhance brands, and boost profit margins—ultimately future-proofing their businesses. The strong growth and positive feedback received by Salvalco’s valve customers serve as testament to the benefits they’re reaping.

Commitment to continuous improvement
Salvalco, however, refuses to stand still. We continue to innovate, constantly improving our technology to accommodate a wide range of spray formulations, including those based on natural ingredients. Our valves are becoming more versatile, and we are investing heavily in manufacturing facilities to meet growing demand.

As the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology our pledge is to continue bringing safe, sustainable and cost-effective innovation to our customers on a global scale.

To find out more about how Eco-Valve could benefit your business email: info@salvalco.com