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Eco-Valve – A spray performance consumers love

Posted on Mon 14th September 2020

The Salvalco Eco-Valve offers consumers a revolutionary new way to spray. Powered by inert gases, it is rated favourably for its unrivalled sustainability benefits, product performance and spray quality. The valve is the result of decades of research and development at Salford University’s Spray Research Group and is generating huge interest across the globe.

And it’s the valve’s highly innovative patented ‘bubbly-flow’ technology which creates the  gentle spray quality and effective product performance, that consumers love, making it a great alternative to LPG valves. A positive step in bringing to market a game changing technology that will support the aerosol industry today in creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

Eco-Valve v’s LPG
So how does Eco-Valve work, how does it differ to LPG performance and what is it specifically about the spray quality and texture that consumers and brand owners like?

Unlike traditional LPG valves, the Eco-Valve technology allows eco-friendly inert gases such as nitrogen or simple fresh air to be used as propellants in aerosol sprays, thus enabling a more sustainable and safer alternative to conventional aerosol propellants. Eco-Valve also has comparable performance to LPG propelled product and a good consistent spray throughout the life of the can.

Outperforming other ‘eco’ and ‘air propelled’ dispensing solutions, independent consumer research and market interest tell us that Eco-Valve really is the very best alternative to traditional LPG powered aerosols.

In fact, in recent independent tests Eco-Valve outperforms alternative ‘air propelled’ aerosols in the following criteria;

Dries quickly

Feels cool on the skin

Fulfilled consumer’s expectations

Even homogenous spray

Pleasant feeling on the body


Eco-Valve – a sensual, soft consumer experience
One of the main benefits of Eco-Valve’s patented bubbly-flow technology however is its ability to produce a delicate spray experience that customers enjoy. In particular, Eco-Valve creates a soft spray experience on the hair and body with no butane flash off as well as a fine mist which is ideally suited for deodorant, hairspray and other formulations containing natural ingredients. It also delivers a much quieter aerosol dispensing system when compared for example to Bag-on-Valve.

Exceeding brand owner expectation
Encouraged by the demand for repeat purchase and consumer feedback on both the experience and performance of Eco-Valve, the technology is also meeting the expectations of brand owners. The quick dry coverage, product efficiency, effectiveness of formulations and consistent spray performance between bulk formulations whatever the fragrance or product application type is proving particularly popular.  Eco-Valve can also be used in over 85% of aerosol applications too, is more cost effective than Bag on Valve (BOV) and has high dispensing of product with low drop- out rates making it a highly versatile option all round.

The future – today
With so many benefits, Eco-Valve offers something completely revolutionary for the aerosol industry, with the tried and tested valve technology future proofing business and providing far reaching benefit across the whole supply chain. Quite simply, Eco-Valve provides tomorrow’s aerosol technology – today.

To find out more about how Eco-Valve can benefit your business or for a complimentary sample contact info@salvalco.com