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Cosmosol partner with Salvalco to trial revolutionary Eco-Valve technology

Posted on Thu 23rd January 2020

Together the companies will take an inside out approach positioning a total aerosol solution for customers, developing zero VOC emission bulk formulas alongside new packaging that will replace existing LPG butane valves with Eco-Valve. A truly disruptive proposition to the market, Eco-Valve provides a ‘game-changing’ alternative solution for the aerosol industry.

The break- through technology of Eco-Valve which uses nitrogen or compressed air instead of LPG butane, offers a number of considerable advantages including the significant reduction of VOC emissions. This not only provides great benefits for the environment but also a more cost-effective solution to Bag-on-Valve, whilst maintaining the great performance you would expect from traditional aerosols.

Paolo Ramella, Business Development Director, Cosmosol said;

“Cosmosol consider Eco-valve an innovative alternative to the traditional solutions used for aerosol products, with its eco-friendly system meeting the increasing demand of sustainable products from the market and end consumers.

The first priority of this partnership will be to assess interest in the system for our customers and then review how it can be manufactured and sold in the near future. Our focus will be on concentrating on the development of new sustainable formulations, whilst Salvalco look after the care of the ‘system’ or more specifically the valve and actuator elements. We are delighted to be working with Salvalco in what we believe will prove to be a strong partnership both technically and commercially.”

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco added;

“Partnering with Cosmosol is an exciting time and presents a real opportunity to demonstrate the true value of Eco-Valve and the benefits it provides not only to the environment but for the whole supply chain.  We are delighted that our technology supports Cosmosol’s desire to create zero VOC emitting bulk formulas and is helping them create a more sustainable and ‘total’ packaging solution.

We very much look forward to developing our collaboration with Cosmosol further as well as welcoming interest from other partners who are interested in our philosophy of innovation and trying, what we believe is the valve technology of tomorrow, today.”

Find out more about Cosmosol here – and to discover how Eco-valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample please email info@salvalco.com