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What is an Eco-Valve?

Salvalco Eco-Valve is a brand new valve designed to enable aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless gases such as nitrogen or simply compressed air, while offering a spray performance that is similar to LPG-propelled products. A truly ‘game changing’ achievement, Eco-Valve is a highly versatile and environmentally friendly aerosol solution, that can be used in over 85% of aerosol applications offering suppliers and manufacturers the technology of tomorrow, today.

How does it work?

Salvalco Eco-Valves utilise patented Bubbly-Flow Technology developed by the Spray Research Group (SRG) at the University of Salford in the UK. It is this technology that enables aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless compressed inert gases. Significantly better for the environment, it is also far safer than conventional propellants, which typically use hydrocarbons.

The science bit...

To develop Eco-Valve, examining and understanding the functionality of existing aerosols on the market formed a key part of our research at Salvalco.

Current LPG propellants release tremendous energy when they flash-vaporise on leaving the pressurised packaging, which means that fine atomisation of the product is easy and gives a near constant product flow rate.

By contrast, other safe compressed gas propellants, e.g. air or nitrogen, provide relatively little atomisation energy when used with conventional valves and the power available reduces as the can empties. This tends to result in a dramatic drop off in spray performance in terms of reduced flow rate and increased particle size as the can empties.

By understanding the functionality of existing valves, we were keen to develop a solution that would provide the same performance. As such the University of Salford (UoS) Spray Research Group (SRG) project was designed to develop a system which would enable an aerosol to be propelled by inert gases but to offer spray performance similar to LPG propelled products and to overcome the problems of drop off in spray performance. It’s this research by the SRG, guided by the leadership of Professor Ghasem Nasr that has led to the development of Salvalco Eco-Valve.

How they can be used

Eco-Valves are highly versatile and can be used in a range of application fields including personal care, household, food and industrial. From hairsprays, antiperspirants, body sprays, body lotions and sun care to household cleaning and insecticides, Eco-Valves cover 85% of the aerosol market.

The technology is also a cost-effective alternative to BOV, offering great performance benefits and a superior spray quality with low dropout rates