Salvalco Green AirSalvalco’s well-travelled team has now returned from its recent time spent in China.

Major progress has been made with the pre-production moulds which have now been checked, tested and approved by Salvalco’s Production Director Gary Hawthorne, who with two of his colleagues spent almost two weeks checking every dimension of the moulds and the valve pieces being produced.

All is now set for the next phase of testing to begin before full production goes ahead towards the end of the year.

Salvalco’s chairman, Mr Tom Goldberg, has also returned from his successful negotiations with a major Chinese company based in the Shanghai area. This company will distribute the Salvalco family of valves in China, Taiwan and certain other specific markets in the Far East. Contracts have been signed and full details will be released in due course when Salvalco launches their SSG valve onto the market.

Meanwhile Commercial Director, Mark Waters, has also returned from his trip to China and Thailand to look at potential markets and meet the key players in the aerosol industry in the Far East.

Plans are now in place for the next phase of the development of the Lo-Loss and Metered valves in the Salvalco family. The development will follow similar lines to that of the SSG and details will be posted in due course after the team has made its next visit to China later in October.