Salvalco is set to bring its range of eco-valves to market following a decade of research and design. Salvalco  – the Salford Valve Company Ltd – has invented a trio of valves which require only compressed inert gases as the propellant for a wide range of consumer aerosols.

Greig Tulloch, managing director, said: “The company was launched to commercialise the work of the University of Salford Spray Research Group.”

“The group has spent more than 10 years developing the system to revolutionise the aerosol format by offering an alternative to hydro-carbon propelled aerosols – but with a similar spray performance.”

“Following extensive research, design and testing we have created three products which deliver results equal to or better than the existing valve offering – with no VOCs.”

Now at pre-market stage, Salvalco says the launch of its Super Single Gasket valve, the Low Loss valve and the Metered valve are now imminent. Each valve utilises the group’s patented Bubbly-Flow Technology to produce a refined and consistent spray pattern.

It’s a step change for aerosol component technology and aims to build on the growing legislative and consumer focus on air quality and a product’s environmental impact.

Professor Ghasem Nasr is Salvalco’s R&D Director and also heads up the Spray Research Group where he is the director. His bubbly-flow technology is at the core of the eco-valve’s design.

The key innovation in the new valve design is to control the flow of the liquid product and bleed-off gas by their own separate valving arrangements, prior to entering the main valve stem. The relationship between the size of the liquid and gas holes within the valve stem thus enables fine tuning of the spray characteristics according to the requirement of customers. Greig added: “This patented technology affects the flow of product and pressure. It enables aerosols to be propelled successfully by inert gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or simply compressed air – as opposed to current liquefied gas propellants which flash vaporise on leaving the aerosol.

“The eco-valves not only omit the need for hydrocarbon propellants, they have also been developed to maintain spray performance, pressure, discharge rate and particle size.

The Super Single Gasket valve covers about 75% of all aerosol requirements, the Low Loss valve is used for more viscous products and the Metered valve, for spraying specific doses of a product.

Salvalco says the range presents numerous cost savings, particularly for aerosol manufacturers looking for an alternative to the “relatively expensive” bag-on valve system which is sometimes used in the non-LPG propelled market.

Other benefits include the reduced cost of the propellants, transportation and storage and insurance costs associated with flammable propellants.

Salvalco is now in talks with aerosol manufacturers and fillers worldwide to bring the products to market.

Tom Goldberg, Salvalco chairman, added: “Salvalco’s mission is to revolutionise the aerosol industry, to reduce the risk in producing and using aerosols and to make aerosols more environmentally sustainable – a movement which is gaining pace with politicians, industry leaders and consumers.

“Backed by more than 10 years of dedicated research and development, Salvalco Eco-Valves offer the aerosol industry the chance to completely rethink the formulation and packaging of aerosols.”

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