• We have recently secured a contract to supply our patented Salvalco Eco-Valve technology to Italian aerosol company BM with the first cans shipping to Italian retailers this month (June).

BM manufactures and fills a wide range of own-brand spray products, including the popular Tam Tam, Splendida and Fresh Aroma ranges which are sold across Italy via major supermarkets and homewares stores.

The deal will see an initial 400,000 Eco-Valves and actuators being supplied to BM this summer, primarily to be used in air-quality and other household sprays. Currently many of these products use a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) propellant to ensure a consistent spray density, fine particle size and full product exhaustion.

However, by adopting the Salvalco Eco-Valve system, BM will be able to replace the LPG with a harmless inert gas which has been proven to match, if not better, the performance of LPGs in extensive laboratory testing.

Once the initial batch of cans have been filled, tested and retailed this month (June), BM intends to increase its order of Eco-Valves to around four million per annum.

BM has also indicated that in addition to adopting Eco-Valve for its range of household sprays it is also keen to deploy Salvalco’s technology across more of its product lines. It also hopes to introduce the technology to other Italian manufacturers which BM fills for.

Mark Waters, our Commercial Director, said “BM are now confident that the Salvalco Eco-Valve using compressed air matches the performance of LPG and also believe that customers in Italy will respond positively to aerosol products which do not use a highly flammable, volatile or environmentally unfriendly propellant.”

“This is why they are keen to incorporate Eco-Valve into a wider range of product categories, once the air-fresheners and other spray ranges have been taken to market and proven to be successful.”

Massimo Macchini, BM’s Managing Director, said: “Like many other aerosol manufacturers BM’s long term goal is to try and phase high volumes of LPG out of the supply chain but without reducing the performance of our products. This is why we are very keen to explore with Salvalco the potential Eco-Valve offers as it is the first clean, non-LPG system we’ve seen which maintains a high density mist and small particle size throughout the lifetime of the product via a safe compressed gas delivery system.”

In addition to the BM deal, we are in advanced stage talks with a number of other major aerosol manufacturers in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. They are also continuing to work closely with leading contract fillers Colep and One-Asia to develop the numerous potential applications of the patented Eco-Valve technology within a wide range of industrial, household and personal care spray-based products.