In the face of growing concern over the years about the dangers of using Liquified Petroleum Gas [LPG] in aerosols, there have been enormous and exciting breakthroughs in aerosol technology. Alternatives to standard aerosol mechanisms are welcomed, due to a number of factors. They are extracted from oil or natural gas, they are a source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), plus the fact that they can be hazardous to transport. There is also the accepted damaging effect that these sprays have on the environment.

An urgent alternative to traditional aerosol components was needed, which has come in the form of an innovative and unique range of Eco-Valves. This revolutionary development involves the use of Compressed Inert Gas, cleverly utilised by either the new SSG Valve, Low Loss Valve or the Metered Valve. These newly designed Salvalco Eco-Valves incorporate high performance, patented BUBBLY-FLOW technology originated by the Spray Research Group (SRG) at the University of Salford, in UK. These valves offer a safe eco-friendly solution, and compare very favourably to conventional LPG propelled valves.

Gary Hawthorne, Production Director at Salvalco, together with Professor Nasr from UoS and his Research Assistant Dr Amir Nourian are today flying out to China to liaise with the manufacturers of the pre-production moulds for our new family of Eco-Valves. They will be carrying out detailed dimension checks on all the moulding equipment and will also be concentrating on quality control and quality assurance, particularly for our SSG valve which will be the first to be made available to the market before the end of 2014.

Chairman of Salvalco, Mr Tom Goldberg is expected to fly to China to finalise a representation contract with a major Chinese company later this month. Our Sales Director is also expected to pay a visit to China before the end of the year to finalise figures for next year’s sales into China and other Far East markets.