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Industrial Sprays and Atomization

There are relatively few texts currently available in the field of liquid atomization and these are mostly prepared from theoretical or experimental viewpoints and often with emphasis on fuel sprays for combustion purposes. This book provides a critical and extensive compilation of the wide range of manufacturing processes that involve the application of spray technology in industry. It covers design of atomizers as well as the performance of plant and their corresponding spray systems.

The content of the book covers the needs of practising engineers from different disciplines, who may include project managers, and works, maintenance and design engineers. It addresses the lack of in-depth understanding, in the area of the application of spray in industry. Of interest to researchers is the field of liquid sprays, information on fundamental processes involved is discussed, including outlines of the contemporary and possible future research and challenges in the different fields of application.

These are all dealt with within the following general framework:

  • sprays and their production;
  • sprays in industrial production processes;
  • processes involving vaporisation and cooling or cleaning of gases;
  • processes involving spray surface impact;
  • fuel sprays for fixed plant;
  • spraying of hot surfaces for steel making and other metals;
  • spraying of molten metals.

Wherever possible guidance is given in respect to the analysis and interpretation of experimental data obtained using different measurement techniques in industrial spray processes.

Design, Analysis and Applications
2002. XVII, 501 p. 456 illus.
Hardcover. EUR 129.-; ₤ 80.-
ISBN 1-85233-460-6

Natural Gas Engineering and Safety Challenges

Provides acritical and extensive compilation of the downstream processes of natural gas that involve the principle of gas processing ,transmission and distribution, gas flow and network analysis, instrumentation and measurement systems and its utilisation.

Enriches understanding of the business and management aspects of natural gas as well as highlighting some of the recent research together with innovations in the field which is equally applicable to the aerosol industry.

This book also includes several case studies to illustrate the analysis of the downstream process in the gas and oil industry. Of interest to researchers is the field of flame and mitigation of explosion: the fundamental processes involved are also discussed, including outlines of contemporary and possible future research and challenges in the different fields.