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Why Salvalco Eco-Valve is a great alternative to Bag-on-Valve (BOV)

Posted on Fri 22nd January 2021

Currently aerosol solutions without LPG rely on a number of options including either BOV ‘Bag-on-Valve’ systems or conventional valve technology, that whilst generally effective can be costly and in the latter case, deliver an inferior spray quality that is not acceptable to the consumer.

But now there is a new, alternative solution to BOV on the market offering not just great performance and versatility but significant cost savings too – up to 50% in some cases. Considerable sustainability benefits are also a favourable bi product of this technology which reduce the need for surplus packaging and with the use of harmless inert gases, minimise the omission of VOCs.

That solution? …is Salvalco Eco-Valve.

Here in our latest blog, we look at the main benefits of BOV and how Eco-Valve is fast becoming the great new alternative way to spray.

Current solutions – BOV
Suitable for a range of formulations, BOV uses compressed gas to pressurise a can in which the product is contained within a bag inside the can.

There are a number of distinct benefits to using BOV Versus convention LPG powered aerosol. Predominantly that the bulk formula itself is not mixing with the propane / butane, the barrier properties of the bag protect the formulation. This is especially important for ‘sensitive’ and ‘preservative free’ formulations.

As there is no LPG propellant, BOV is safer for consumers too as the VOC impact is greatly reduced, particularly for personal care applications that are sprayed directly to the body.

Eco-Valve – a revolutionary new way to spray
Eco-Valve technology however provides tomorrow’s technology today, offering a brand new, great performing, versatile and highly cost-effective alternative to the market. Delivering all the value you gain from BOV but with a host of additional benefits, it is clear to see why it’s breaking new ground within the industry.

So how does Eco-Valve compare with BOV?

A more cost-effective solution
Eco-Valve is more cost effective – in most cases between 25% – 50%! This is because unlike BOV which relies on the use of a laminated pouch to hold the product, Eco-Valve requires less material. As the recommended propellant is Nitrogen (inert gas), it is compatible to be in contact with most formulations.

Eco-Valve can also be used on a standard aerosol filling line, without the need of investment in the specialised equipment that BOV requires. This is particularly beneficial because not all manufacturers are able to use the BOV system due to the complexity and technical requirements on filling lines. Already invested and using BOV technology? Swapping over to Eco-Valve is hassle free and still offers greater cost saving over time.

Great product performance and less product waste
But it’s not just the cost effectiveness of the valve that make Eco-Valve a preferable option, but the performance too! With BOV it can often be difficult to exhaust all the product out of the bag but with Eco-Valve this is not a problem. In fact, the spray performance in the second half of the can is noticeably better, resulting in less waste of the product.

A soft and delicate spray that consumers love
Independent research has also shown us that aside from performance and cost, consumers love the texture and spray experience of Eco-Valve.  Offering a soft, delicate, and even spray quality without any butane flash off, the dispensing system is also quieter than next best alternatives. The Eco-Valve technology means the spray dries quicker too and is absorbed into the skin faster because of the fine particles of the spray, giving a nicer finish on the skin.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco, said.

“We are really proud of the Eco-Valve technology and the interest it is gaining as a great alternative to BOV. Currently we are working with several multinational companies and leading brands who are keen to offer their customers a high performing, environmentally friendly and cost- effective alternative.

We provide several technical services to enable organisations to trial the Eco-Valve capability. Through our experienced and well-equipped laboratory, we perform a broad range of tests with your formulations to qualify Eco-Valve for your specific needs.  These include product compatibility tests, samples filled with your product, and collaborations with your formulation chemists to achieve optimal spray performance of the packaging system. Giving you the assurance of a solution that packs a punch on performance, price and supporting the planet too!”

To find out more about how Eco-Valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample email: info@salvalco.com