Eco-Valve replaces LPG as an aerosol propellant – This eliminates VOC and gives excellent spray performance from compressed air.

The Salford Valve Company Ltd is a UK company formed to manufacture and to sell a family of newly-designed and patented aerosol ‘Eco-Valves’. These valves will be capable of use in 85-90% of the worldwide aerosol market, which is currently at a volume of 15 billion cans.

Dangerous LPG Replaced by Compressed Air

Salvalco Eco-Valve enables aerosols to use inert compressed gas as the propellant for aerosols (compressed air or nitrogen) – rather than the current use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (propane or similar). LPG is used because it provides ‘flash-vapourisation’ on exit from the aerosol can, and this maintains the delivery and spray characteristics.

Safety & Ecology Problems With LPG

LPG is ‘unsustainable’ and is viewed as potentially undesirable / dangerous due to:

  • Extraction from oil or natural gas: non-renewable.

  • Source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Explosive and flammable for transport or storage or disposal

Excellent Spray Characteristics & Lower Costs

Salvalco Eco-valves have been designed, patented, developed and tested. The prototypes show that:

  • They produce excellent spray characteristics throughout the use of the can

  • Identified improvement over the standard aerosols now in the market

  • They can be used in standard aerosol-filling lines, and with standard aerosol components

  • They are suitable for a complete range of aerosol applications (deodorants, oils, hair & body sprays, air fresheners, polish, insecticides, medical dosing etc)

Whilst the Eco-Valves may be more expensive to produce due to design features, they will be more economical to the end-user because of efficiency benefits, safety-savings and volume-production.