Salvalco Aerosol Eco-Valve Breakthrough

A family of 3 Eco-Valves has been developed to use compressed inert gases as the propellant for a wide range of consumer aerosols.

The Range of 3

The ‘SSG Valve’, the ‘Low Loss Valve’ and the ‘Metered Valve’ cover most commonly-used aerosols (deodorant, hairspray, polish, cleaners, insecticides and many more).

Current LPG propellants release tremendous energy when they flash-vaporise on leaving the pressurised packaging, which means that fine atomization of the product is easy and gives a near constant product flow rate.

By contrast, other safe compressed gas propellants, e.g. air or nitrogen, provide relatively little atomization energy when used with conventional valves and the power available reduces as the can empties.

This tends to result in a dramatic drop off in spray performance in terms of reduced flow rate and increased particle size as the can empties.

The UOS Spray Research Group project was designed to develop a system which would enable an aerosol to be propelled by inert gases but to offer spray performance similar to LPG propelled products and to overcome the problems of drop off in spray performance.

Salvalco Eco-Valves are protected by interlocking patents. They were initially developed by the Spray Research Group (SRG) at the University Of Salford (UOS) UK, under the leadership of Professor Ghasem Nasr. These new valves will transform the production, distribution and usage of aerosols.

Ten years of research at UOS Spray Research Group (SRG) has resulted in the solution to this problem.

The Salvalco Eco-Valves utilise their patented Bubbly-Flow Technology to produce a refined and consistent spray pattern.

Redesign of the aerosol valve components has enabled a small percentage of compressed gas propellant to be introduced directly into the valve stem to produce bubbly flow. This enhances significantly the ability to atomise liquids directly before they are dispensed through standard actuators with or without Mechanical Breakup (MBU) capability.

The key innovation in the new, patent-protected valve design, is to control the flow of the liquid product and bleed-off gas by their own separate valving arrangements, prior to entering the main valve stem. The relationship between the size of the liquid and gas holes within the valve stem thus enables fine tuning of the spray characteristics according to the requirement of customers.

Customer Involvement

Salvalco works with its customers to optimise spray performance and uses the extensive knowledge and equipment base at UOS Spray Research Group (SRG) to achieve this. The internationally acclaimed Spray Research Group (SRG) has the state-of-art facilities and has led the way in aerosol development for over two decades.