Benefits of using Salvalco Eco-Valves®

Reduction in the costs of storage, transportation and insurance

Significant reduction in the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Significant reduction in the dangers of highly flammable propellants

Greater safety and less risk through aerosols categorized as non-hazardous

The Salvalco Eco-Valve offers numerous benefits to the supply chain, from brand owners to manufacturers and ultimately to society at large.

Product Performance

The Eco-Valve is the only Nitrogen / Air based valve that has comparable performance to traditional LPG / Butane valves. The Eco-Valve’s Bubbly-Flow Technology has been developed and refined to produce a more consistent flow. Unlike other compressed gas valves, the Eco-Valve will completely empty the contents of the can, thus reducing waste and consumer dissatisfaction.

Safety Considerations

Conventional LPG propellants are volatile and flammable. As production materials, LPGs present a significant safety risk and must be transported and stored under carefully controlled conditions. In production, the LPG must also be handled and used in a tightly specified manner, using specialist equipment.

Using compressed gas propellants and Salvalco Eco-Valves can eliminate these issues and reduce the dangers to employees and the public at large.

There is an industry recognised problem with volatile substance abuse (VSA) which can be reduced and ultimately eliminated by the use of Eco-Valves and compressed gas propellants.

Environmental Benefits of Eco-Valve

Each time a Salvalco Eco-Valve is used with nitrogen or air, harmful propellants, VOC’s and greenhouse gases are kept out of the environment. There are major commitments by governments worldwide to reduce the use of harmful gases and the Salvalco Eco-Valve facilitates their reduction within the aerosol industry.

Compelling Case for Eco-Valve

The case for the use of air or nitrogen as a propellant in aerosol cans is highly compelling. Until now, the poor performance of non liquefied inert natural gasses (compared to LPG) has held back the transition. The unique, patented Bubbly-Flow Technology of the Salvalco Eco-Valve now enables air or nitrogen to provide significantly improved constancy to discharge flow rates and droplet sizes. This compares favourably with conventional LPG propelled valves.

The performance of these valves with compressed gas propellant, is significantly better than those of standard aerosol valves that are currently in use – a truly ‘Game Changing’ achievement.

Savings Summary

Rethink the formulation & packaging of aerosols