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The Salvalco Eco-Valve offers numerous benefits for brand owners, aerosol manufacturers and ultimately to society at large

1. An environmentally friendly aerosol solution

Each time a Salvalco Eco-Valve is used with nitrogen or air, harmful propellants, VOCs and greenhouse gases are kept out of the environment. There are major commitments by governments worldwide to reduce the use of harmful gases and the Salvalco Eco-Valve facilitates their reduction within the aerosol industry.

2. Safety

The use of Eco-Valves offer greater safety and less risk with the potential for aerosols to be categorised as non-hazardous. Conventional LPG propellants are volatile and flammable, needing to be transported and stored under carefully controlled conditions, increasing cost across the supply chain. Using compressed gas propellants and Salvalco Eco-Valves can eliminate these issues and reduce the risk this presents to employees and the public at large.

3. A cost-effective and more versatile alternative to Bag-on-Valve (BOV)

Currently using Bag-on-Valve (BOV)? Eco-Valve provides a more cost-effective solution offering a similar spray quality and low dropout rate. Eco-Valve can also be used across a broad range of aerosol applications and with different packaging options including plastic. As there is no pouch in the can it is a more sustainable solution, using less material. Eco-Valves powered by the inert gas nitrogen, means it is possible to meet the growing trend of more natural and organic ingredients without the need for a pouch barrier system.

4. Reducing Costs

The use of safe gases with Eco-Valve also has a positive impact on costs across the supply chain. Not only are gases such as nitrogen and compressed air more economical than their hydrocarbon counterparts, but using safe gases also reduces the cost of manufacturing, storage, transportation and insurance. The long term comparison is favourable for Eco-Valve particularly when coupled with the much larger ecological and safety benefits too.

5. Product Performance

So how do the performance benefits of Eco-Valve compare with more traditional LPG/Butane options? Using the patented Bubbly-Flow Technology, Eco-Valve is the only Nitrogen/air based valve with comparable performance that is acceptable to the end consumers. This works to create a more consistent flow and spray performance.

6. Future proof your business

With the changes in consumer demand and increasing government legislation relating to the environmental impact and safety of the aerosol sector, Eco-Valve provides an innovative solution to future proof your business, helping you stay ahead in a competitive and changing marketplace.

7. Helping you deliver a more natural and ethical aerosol solution

The removal of LPG propellants, with harmless gases means our valves work seamlessly with natural and organic formulations, whilst reducing the emission of VOCs – giving you an environmentally friendly aerosol solution from the inside – out.  Resulting in a soft and delicate spray that consumers love, Eco-Valve is cost effective and highly versatile, replacing the need for alternatives such as Bag-on-Valve (BOV).

The valve also provides an opportunity for ethical brands that might not have considered aerosol previously because of the implications of more harmful gases on their formulations, a chance to extend their product portfolios.