Salvalco receive awardOur commitment to promote ground breaking technology and design innovation are what makes Salvalco a consistently forward thinking company. We are delighted to announce that the revolutionary new aerosol Eco-Valve system won the Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology Award, at the recent Times Higher Education [THE] Awards. These awards strive to pinpoint outstanding examples of achievement by individuals, teams and institutions in the UK higher education sector.

The new aerosol system was initially developed by the Spray Research Group (SRG) at the University Of Salford (UOS ) UK, and is the result of 10 years research and development. The Eco-Valve, which provides a breakthrough alternative to traditional aerosol spray design is destined to be utilised by the multi-billion pound global aerosol market, and will play a major role in the reduction of greenhouse gases. This outstanding technology negates the need for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in aerosol sprays, and will be applied to the various types of aerosol worldwide. Additional advantages include lower production costs and enhanced aerosol safety. The timing of the introduction of this technology is excellent, as proposed environmental directives are due to come into force within the next decade, regarding the need for a solution concerning the sustainability of aerosol production and use.

It is estimated that approximately 17 billion aerosol cans are produced globally each year, and VOC’s from aerosols are believed to contribute to around 6% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions in the UK alone.

One of the main challenges for the research team at the University of Salford, was to produce an environmentally acceptable aerosol spray which performed as well as the traditional VOC powered type. The problem was addressed by using an environmentally friendly compressed gas propellant (air or nitrogen) to replace VOCs. Also the subsequent creation of ‘bubble flow’ technology has resulted in a spray which looks, feels and performs like VOC powered aerosol systems.

Salvalco Eco-Valves represent a welcome change in the formulation and packaging of aerosols, meaning a concentration of aerosol formulations and consequently less packaging, reducing costs even further. Read more about this fascinating new technology on the Salvalco website, or call us on 0161 278 2771