The vast majority of consumers – 92% – say they buy or use aerosols. This was discovered via the recent online omnibus survey undertaken for BAMA by research consultancy, Populus.

It was found that 9 out of 10 people who buy or use aerosols have particular reasons for doing so and understand some of the key and unique benefits.

  • 92% agreed aerosols were easy to use
  • 86% said they are easy to direct just where you want the product to go
  • 80% thought they were airtight, clean and hygienic
  • 79% thought they were efficient
  • 78% agreed they make no mess or spills
  • 75% liked the fact that they are sealed so cannot be contaminated.

People seem to be pretty good at recycling too. Of those who buy or use aerosols, when asked what they do with empty containers, 68% recycle at the kerbside with household recycling; and 9% take their empty aerosols to a can bank.

When asked what kind of aerosols people recycle, deodorants / antiperspirants come out top, not surprisingly as this is one of the most popular categories in the market, with 85% of recyclers citing these products. Air fresheners are also sustainably handled after use by households that recycle, with 72% in this sector saying they include empty aerosol air fresheners in their household recycling.

We were interested to see the differences in recycling empty aerosols across the UK. Of those who buy or use aerosols, the top cities for recycling were: Hull (78%), Cardiff (73%), Manchester (71%); and Birmingham (69%).